winter training camp

12th - 17th February 2024 - LUNAR CABLE PARK - SPAIN

Under 18's Winter Training Camp

In 2024 a winter training camp will be running at Lunar Cable Park between the 12h - 17th February.

For those who have not been to the park before, Lunar is conveniently located in Spain and provides an excellent opportunity for pre-season training.

With a variety of obstacles and warmer conditions, the site is used extensively by multiple international teams.

Over the last couple of seasons a number of Team GB riders have visited the site during February Half Term and have benefited from the time spent on the cable.

In order to capitalise on this opportunity we have decided to provide a cost effective training camp for those who are interested in taking part.

Working with Lunar, we will be offering riders daily coached sessions which will undoubtedly help improve their skills in preparation for the season ahead.

Young Girl Wakeboarder

By Invitation

We have purposefully limited the number of spaces available to 16. By doing this riders will receive a high level of guidance and personalised tuition.

In the first instance, places will be offered to any Team GB riders who fall within the under 18 age category. Confirmation of enrolment must be made by Monday 5th June 2023 together with payment for coaching.

After this date, places will be offered to young up and coming riders who demonstrate a strong skill set and commitment to the sport. Guidance on suitability will be sought by industry experts.

Riders will be placed in similar ability, small groups for the duration of the camp

It is important to note, this camp is NOT an official training camp for existing and potential Team GB Riders. It is however, an ideal opportunity for riders to spend time learning new skills with other like minded individuals.

Opportunities for Riders over 18 yrs

In order to facilitate the growth of the sport, we are looking for 2 riders over the age of 18 who would be willing to help out at camp. In return, you will receive free accommodation and a cable pass.

Prior to undertaking the role, those interested will undergo a DBS check and safeguard training. If you are interested in such a role please email for more information.


What to Expect

The aim of the camp is for riders to enjoy themselves doing the thing they love most, with other like minded individuals.

Given the date of the camp, it is going to take a few days for riders to adjust to riding again after the winter break.

The coaches will provide the perfect platform for individuals to further develop their skills and knowledge of the sport. The timing of the camp will undoubtedly be beneficial for the season ahead.

Learning something new can take days, weeks or even months and as such please bear this in mind.

Riders should attend camp with the mindset that even if they don't learn something new, they will have come away with a greater understanding of what they need to work on for the future.

Riders should set aspirations rather than expectations! By doing this they are more likely to succeed. Parents must also take this into consideration.

Riders will be expected to help and encourage others throughout the duration of the camp.

What to Bring

Typically the weather in February is around 14-18 degrees. The lake is fed by a large reservoir and as such can be a little chilly. We recommend a winter wetsuit to help keep riders warm.

Early mornings and evenings can be a bit cooler. We recommend riders and spectators bring a jumper or a light jacket to wear during these times.


Riders must hold a valid travel insurance policy that covers wakeboarding. Please ensure this is in place before departing the UK.

Just £25 per day


Riders will be split into 2 groups based on ability.

Coaches will work with individual riders to establish what aspect of their riding needs improving.

There will be times when both groups will be placed together to undertake a task or activity.

Riders will be expected to warm up and stretch at the start and end of each session.

Coaching Team


Hi I'm Matty Branston and over the years I have competed and won a number of national and international competitions. Recently I was part of the commentary team at the 2022 Europeans in Denmark and Worlds in Thailand.

I live and breathe wakeboarding and I am passionate about the future of the sport.

The winter training camp at Lunar in Feb 2024 is an ideal opportunity for riders to kick start their competitive season.

I am delighted to have been asked to be part of the coaching team and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with those involved.

Kieran Owens

Not only is Kieran Owens one of the top riders in the world, he is also hugely experienced in the development of some of the next generation of UK wakeboarders. His passion for the sport is unparalleled and his coaching methodology is arguably the best in the business.

Whilst at camp riders will undoubtedly benefit from his expertise and enthusiasm.

Summer sport wakeboarding.

Exemplar Training Schedule

Morning Training



9.15am  - 9.45am 

Stretch & Mobility Session

9.45am - 10.00am 

Morning Briefing 

10.15am - 12.15pm  

Coached Training Session

1.00pm - 2.00pm


Afternoon Training 

2.00pm - 4.00pm 

Coached training and System 2 sessions on rotation

4.00pm - 5.00pm

Freeride, content creation for sponsors & Cable Wakeboard UK

Cable Events & Competitions 

Tag Team

Kicker Jam

IWWF- style scored runs

Team Tops

Riders will be expected to wear team tops over impact vests whilst training.

These can be purchased for £25.00

Blue round neck long sleeve t shirt, front side
Blue round neck long sleeve t shirt, back side



Airport female passenger

Unaccompanied Minors - Under 18's


Camp staff and volunteers are in no way responsible for those riders under the age of 18 that are unaccompanied. In circumstances where a minor is deemed unaccompanied, it is the minors parents responsibility to organise a suitable guardian over the age of 25 for the trip. The guardian should be provided with all the necessary travel documents to ensure the minor is not placed at risk.

Permission to Travel

Unaccompanied minors should not travel without the written permission of their parents.

It is prudent for guardians travelling with a minor to have a letter of consent signed by a parent or a legal guardian, giving permission for their child to travel. It needs to clearly state the following:

  • Dates of travel
  • Place they will be staying
  • Reason for travel
  • Guardian’s details

A ‘permission to travel form’ can be provided on request by emailing


We acknowledge some riders may be accompanied by guardians rather than their parents. In such circumstances we as a group cannot be held responsible for logistics, roles and responsibilities of the minor.

A trained designated safeguarding officer and group manager will be available at any point should the need arise.

Guidance for guardians can also be provided.

Medical Declaration Form

Prior to departure, the parent of the unaccompanied minor must provide the guardian with a medical declaration form.

This is of paramount importance as should the rider require any medical care, the form will help to ensure there are no delays.

boutique hotel room decoration

Accommodation Options

We are pleased to announce we have negotiated sole use of El Palacete de Cuevas, a very small hotel 5 minutes away from the cable park at a discounted rate.

Please note, spaces within the hotel are limited and as such will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

Due to the configuration of the rooms it is unlikely the hotel will be able to accommodate or be suitable for all guests attending camp. Room details can be found here.

The hotel has been booked from Sunday 11th February to Sunday 18th February 2024. If you need dates either side of this booking, this can be arranged by emailing the hotel directly

Alternative Accomodation

There are a number of cost effective places to stay within 15 minutes of Lunar Cable Park. These can be found on

Local town and villages include:

  • Cuevas Del Almanzora 5 mins
  • Mojacar 25 mins
  • Vera 15 mins
  • Palomares 12 mins
  • Vera Playa 20 mins
  • Garrucha 20 mins

Room Options at Palacete de Cuevas




Room Cost


Room 1


4 x Singles & 1 x Double Futon



Room 2


1 x Large Double 2 x Singles



Room 3


1 x Double & 1 x Single



Room 4


1 x Double 1 x Single



Room 5


1 x Double



Room 6


1 x Double



Room 7


1 x Double




Room 1


1 x Double



Room 2


2 x Singles



Room 2


2 x Singles



Room Resevations

To reserve a room please email:

Rooms will only be reserved once fees for attending camp have been received (£220 per rider on camp) .

Full payment for rooms must be made at least 1 week prior to the start of camp (Sunday 4th February 2024)

eating and leisure concept - group of people having dinner at table with food

Dining for Guests Staying at Palacete de Cuevas


Within the hotel there is a kitchen facility which guests are able to use to prepare their own breakfast if they wish. A large supermarket is located a short distance from the hotel.

There are also a number of cafes close by that are able to offer breakfast at a very reasonable price. The hotel owner can arrange this for guests.

Lunch (included)

Lunch will be provided by Lunar Cable Park. All those attending the camp will be expected to sit and eat together.


Given the hotel's central location, the proprietor actively promotes investment in local businesses and as such will arrange for food to be provided both in the hotel and at local restaurants at a reasonable price.

Booking Information

How to book

A booking form can be sent on request. Please email

In the first instance, places will be offered to any Team GB riders who fall within the under 18 age category. Confirmation of enrollment must be made for these riders by Monday 5th June 2023. After this dates places will be made available to riders out side the GB Squad.

To make best use of the limited rooms available, riders may be expected to share a room with other riders of a similar age and gender.

Rooms at Palacete de Cuevas will be allocated once initial enquiries from perspective riders and parents has been collated. Rooms will only be reserved once payment has been received for camp.

Cable passes must be purchased direct from Lunar Cable Park.




Six days of professional coaching and lunch at Lunar each day. Does not include cable pass which needs to be purchased direct from Lunar.


Flying to Almeria is by far the best option in February. EasyJet offers flights from Gatwick to Almeria and Lunar Cable Park is located approximately 50 minutes from Almeria airport.

There are a number of riders already booked on the following flights. Please feel free to join:

From: London Gatwick

To: Almeria

Departs: Sunday 11th February 2024

Departure Time: 07:15

Arrives 11:05

From: Almeria

To: London Gatwick

Returns: Sunday 18th February 2024

Departure Time: 11:40

Arrives: 13:30


Depending on the number of riders and families who are travelling on the same flight, we may be able to offer a transfer service to and from the airport. In addition, we are looking at the possibility of hiring a couple of mini buses which could be used by the group for the duration of the stay.

Given the proximity of the Cable Park to the hotel, sharing a car with others would work well.

More details on transport will follow shortly.

Rider Camp Conduct

As a rider at camp, we understand you have the right to:

  • Enjoy the time you spend with us and know that you are safe.
  • Be told who you can talk to if something’s not right.
  • Be listened to.
  • Be involved and contribute towards decisions of the camp.
  • Be respected by us and other riders and be treated fairly.
  • Feel welcomed, valued and not judged based on your race, gender, sexuality, faith or ability.
  • Be encouraged and develop your wakeboarding with our help and support.
  • Be looked after if there’s an accident or injury and have your parents/guardians informed, where appropriate.

As a member of the camp we expect you to:


  • Keep yourself safe by listening to your coach, behave responsibly and speak out when something isn’t right.
  • Take care of our equipment and premises as if they were your own.
  • Make it to training on time.
  • Not wander off, or leave training without telling the Coach in charge of your group.
  • Bring the right kit to training and competitions.
  • Respect the privacy of others especially in any changing rooms


  • Make training sessions a fun, happy, friendly and welcoming place to be.
  • Respect and celebrate differences in the camp and not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, faith or ability.
  • Understand that the use of abusive or inappropriate language, bullying, physical violence or any other behaviour which hurts others will not be tolerated by the team.
  • Not use any device to take photographs or footage of others in the changing rooms or cubicles.
  • Report any concerns you have about others taking photographs or footage in an inappropriate setting.
  • Understand that poor behaviour may result in the camp staff refraining from coaching you.
  • Any behaviour which may be a criminal offence will be reported to police by the team.
  • Report any incidents of bullying or unkind behaviour to the team, even if you’re just a witness.
  • Treat others with respect and appreciate that everyone has a different level of skill or talent.
  • Support and encourage others, tell them when they’ve done well and be there for them when they are struggling.
  • Respect other riders parents, coaching staff and all volunteer helpers within the camp
  • Get involved in camp decisions, it’s your sport too.
Supportive parent hug his son

Parent Camp Conduct

As a parent/guardian of a rider at camp we understand you have the right to:

  • Be assured that your child is safeguarded during their time with us. .
  • Know who the Welfare Officer is and how to contact them.
  • Know that any concerns about your child’s welfare will be listened to and responded to.
  • Know the procedure should your child be involved in an accident or become injured.
  • Provide your consent for photography.
  • Make a complaint about a coach at the camp.

As a parent/guardian of an rider we expect you to:


  • Make sure your child has the right kit for training as well as enough food and drink.
  • Ensure your child arrives at sessions on time.
  • Inform us if you’re running late to collect your child or if your child is being collected by someone else.
  • Complete all consent, contact and medical forms and update us straight away if anything changes.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your child’s coach.
  • Tell us if you wish to talk to us about any concerns regarding your child. We will arrange a mutually convenient time so you can talk to us.
  • Not enter the dock area or interrupt training unless in an emergency situation.
  • Remember that children get a wide range of benefits from participating in sports, like making friends, getting exercise and developing skills. It’s not all about who the best at certain elements of the sport.


  • Behave positively as a spectator at training and treat others with respect. Give encouragement to your child and tell them when they’ve done well and provide support when they are struggling.
  • Respect and celebrate differences in the camp and not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, faith or ability.
  • Respect the coaching staff and all volunteer helpers within the camp.
  • Understand that the use of abusive or inappropriate language, bullying, physical violence or any other behaviour which hurts others will not be tolerated.
  • Understand that poor behaviour may result in exclusion from the camp and training facility.
  • Any behaviour which alleges a criminal offence will be reported to police.
  • Ensure your child understands their code of conduct.
Father and Son Silhouette

10 Things to Consider as a Parent

When coaches, riders and parents work well together, incredible things are possible. The team then becomes committed and focused on helping each member to realise their full potential.

For parents there are a few simple dos and don’ts that can help ensure that you are guiding your child in the right way and fulfilling your all-important role.

1. Do be supportive – rain or shine!

Whether your child comes first or last, you should still love and support them the same. One of your most important roles as a parent is to provide emotional support during the tough times, of which there will be many. Let your child know that they are still loved, no matter how badly they think they ridden. And likewise, try not to let them get cocky when they win.

2. Don’t pressure your child

Remember that wakeboarding is your child’s hobby. If your child has their own reasons and own goals for participating, they will be far more motivated to excel and therefore far more successful. It is normal and healthy to want your child to excel and be as successful as possible, but riders parents cannot make this happen by pressuring them with expectations. Instead, you can encourage them and offer them unconditional support and guidance.

3. Don’t be the coach

‘Coaches coach. Wakeboarding parents parent.’ Your child’s coach is there to teach the technical wakeboarding skills required. You can help your child to learn values and develop positive character traits. Showing unconditional love and support, and creating a happy and balanced home environment will help them to get the most out of what they are doing on the lake.

4. Do encourage independence

Confidence is the essential ingredient in all great wakeboarding success stories. Confidence comes from knowing; knowing you can do it. Encourage your child to pack and empty their own kit, to make their breakfast, to carry their kit, fill their water bottles etc. This will help to create independent and self-motivated riders, with a strong sense of confidence, self-belief, resilience and self-reliance.

5. Don’t dangle carrots

Try to avoid extrinsic motivation (bribery!). It’s important to be careful of the message you send out – riders should ride for themselves and for the positives the sport brings. When your child does well, try to praise them for what they did well, not the outcome that they achieved.

6. Don’t criticise official or volunteers

The majority of officials are volunteers. Some are even parents of riders who have decided they want to help out. Children sometimes make mistakes at events – it happens! If your child is disqualified or falls, try not to complain or worry. If a disqualification is questionable, as sometimes is the case, the Captain or Coach (and not the parent!) will take the necessary steps.

7. Do respect the coach

Trust the coach to do their job. If you have any questions about something the coach is doing or saying in the sessions, it is usually ok to ask. However, their attention will be on the riders they are coaching during session times, so try and grab a word with them before or after training. Remember that a huge number of coaching staff are giving their time voluntarily and are keen to get the best out of every one of the riders!

8. Do be loyal and supportive of the team

Where possible emphasise the importance of being a team player. Riders that motivate others are often the happiest and gain the greatest benefit out of training and competition. This goes for wakeboarding parents also. Cheer for your own child but cheer for their teammates too. This will help to create a positive atmosphere amongst the riders and their supporters.

9. Don’t make your child feel a failure

Children develop at different rates, in terms of size, strength, coordination, emotional and intellectual maturity and just about everything else. Encourage your child to compete against themselves, and to measure themselves against only their own best efforts. If they do win and beat everyone else, it’s a bonus!

10. Don’t push for a World Champion

Maybe your child will become a World Champion, but for most this isn’t the case. Encourage your child to be the best they can be and to enjoy their sport, but make sure both your and their expectations are not too set too high. It’s great to have goals and dreams, but the most important thing is that they are happy. If they are happy the good performances will come naturally.

Participants in grassroots sports will be better protected from the potentially devastating effects of head injuries and concussion thanks to new official guidelines advising: ‘if in doubt, sit them out’. . .

Frequently Asked Questions

How warm will it be in February?

The average temperature is likely to be around 15 degrees, although at night and early in the morning it will be considerably cooler.

Can I leave my equipment at the wake park at night?

Lunar Cable Park is fine with equipment being left, but obviously they can't be held responsible if any equipment goes missing. Please ensure all equipment is left tidy.

I see the coaching fee includes lunch at Lunar. Can I opt out of this?

Unfortunately not. Setting together at lunch is an integral part of the camp. It is a great opportunity for riders and coaches to get to know each other.

I am accompanying my son or daughter to the camp. Can I ride myself?

Yes of course you can. Lunar offers a variety of cable passes from a couple of hours, to an annual subscription. They are also able to provide full equipment if needed there is a charge for such items.

Do riders have the park to themselves?

It is unlikely the camp will have exclusive use of the park. However, the park owners do limit use when camps are scheduled to attend.

I see there is around 4 hours of coaching each day. Can riders do more if they would like to?

To join the camp riders must purchase a cable pass therefore they are free to ride as and when they wish.

Do parents have to stay at the park whilst their children are at camp?

As long as the camp organiser has a signed medical declaration form and two emergency contact details parents are free to leave their child at the cable park during coaching sessions.

My son or daughter is unable to attend every training day. Can I pay a reduced fee?

Due to the fixed costs and limited spaces we are unable to reduce the fee for coaching. However, we are able to deduct the cost of lunch which is £10 per day.

Can I get a refund if my son or daughter is injured prior to attending camp?

A full refund will be issued if we are able to fill your son or daughter's place with another rider or if you have notified us within 1 calendar month of the commencement of camp.

How far is Lunar Cable Park from Almeria Airport?

It takes between 50 mins to an hour to get to Lunar from Almeria Airport.

Will groups be gender specific or mixed?

Riders will be placed in groups based on age and ability.

Can a rider sit out of sessions if they are tired?

Yes of course, but we will still encourage them to hang out at the park with the other riders.

Can you ride doubles?

Yes, Lunar allows riders to ride together.

What wetsuit should I bring in February?

We recommend a winter suit or at the very least a 3/2mm.

I am accompanying my son or daughter. Can I also eat at the park?

Yes of course. You can either opt to eat the set menu as provided to the camp or choose something from the main menu. If you choose to eat with the camp then a payment of £70 will be required for the full week.

I arrive on Sunday and camp does not start until Monday. Can I ride on Sunday?

Yes, many riders do this. All you need to do is go to Lunar and purchase a 7 day cable pass.

Will my son or daughter learn lots of new tricks?

This depends on the complexity of tricks and the willingness to learn. It is important to remember some tricks take longer to learn than others. If the question was will my son or daughter become a better rider from attending camp the simple answer to this is ‘Yes’.

Can my son or daughter travel/attend camp on the own?

No you son or daughter MUST be accompanied by either a parent or guardian.